A 100% pure, unrefined virgin pressed oil.

With a wholesome, full bodied taste, texture, aroma and colour.

Directly from a century old mill nestled amongst the picturesque countryside of Ormož, Slovenia.

About Bučino

Taken from the virgin press of locally grown pumpkin seeds, our traditional methods, mixed in with a bit of modern day knowledge, ensure you an oil both magnificent and unique - A delicious blend of pleasant nuttiness with the zest of wellbeing, and graciously provided by an extensive list of nutritional qualities. The European Commission has granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in recognition for their roles in creating the original and finest pumpkin seed oil.

Here at Bucino, we believe pumpkin seed oil to be a product fully deserved of the reputation it enjoys in Styria on a global scale - and intend to do our part in helping it get there.

On average, 33 pumpkins are required to make just one litre of Bučino Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Bučino Oil & Your Good Health

Since its formative days pumpkin seed oil has been highly regarded as a health product and natural remedy. Packed full of essential fats, antioxidant vitamins and beneficial compounds like phytosterols and delta-7-sterine, it can help lower cholesterol, reduce the chance of heart disease, help with prostate and bladder problems and improve the immune system.

Ten ideas to get you started

Use it as a green salad dressing. It's especially good over strong flavoured lettuces such as rocket or watercress. In Slovenia and Austria it is very popular to mix it with a vinegar. You can also use it with lemon, olive oil, or even soy sauce.

Pour it over other salads. It goes nicely on tomato, potato and bean salads.

Make a pesto with it. Blend some seeds, pour in oil, add salt, lemon, and your choice of spices. Use the pesto as a dip or a sauce for pastas and noodles.

Use it as a dipping sauce for bread as an alternative to olive oil.
Make bruschetta with olive oil, tomato, onions, mozarella and basil then drizzle Bucino oil over the top.

Add to a creamy pumpkin soup.

For an intense flavour, try it with dukkah or strong, mature cheeses.

Bake it in to breads, cakes and muffins or really get creative and use it in a panna cotta.

Blend it into a banana smoothie.

Mix it in with vanilla icecream. Go on, try it!

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